Expungements and Pardons:


Collier-&-Huber-Expungements-&-PardondSometimes, it is possible to get a crime expunged from your record. This means that it is permanently removed from your criminal history. Pardons essentially mean that a crime is forgiven. This can occur for various reasons. Unlike expungement, the charge is not removed from one’s record. The charges remain, but the person is given the same rights as someone without the charge on their record.

When you get a crime expunged, it is no longer visible to those viewing your criminal history. This can dramatically improve your chances of finding employment and improving your living situation in the community. However, getting an eligible crime expunged takes effort and work. Huber Law Firm can help you through the challenging process of filing the necessary paperwork and navigating the legal proceedings. Plus, having Jim Huber on your side can greatly bolster your case for expungement.

For pardons, the process is a bit different. It is not particularly common to be granted a pardon. In certain types of cases, it is more likely though. However, having lawyers like Jim Huber on your case can help you to get a pardon. When competent lawyers like Jim Huber are working for you, they will present the best possible case for you to receive a pardon.

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