Drug Charges:


Collier-&-Huber-Drug-LawThere are many types of drug charges in Oklahoma, but they all have the potential for severe consequences. Some drug charges are misdemeanors while others are serious felonies. The exact penalties that one faces depends on the type and amount of drugs that a person has. Some examples of illegal drugs that one can face charges for are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and illegal prescription drugs. It is also illegal to have any paraphernalia related to drug use. This is a misdemeanor charge. Possession with Intent to Distribute is one of the most serious drug charges a person can receive. This charge can potentially result in a long sentence in state prison. Another very serious drug charge is anything related to the manufacture of illicit substances. Also, certain substances tend to result in very serious penalties, even if the charge is ordinary possession.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind, Huber Law Firm can provide you with quality representation in the courtroom. Jim Huber is very experienced with a variety of different types of drug cases. They will look for any way that you can get your drug charges reduced. They will look at your case extensively, and find any ways that the evidence against you could be discounted. An example of how this could occur is if you were unlawfully searched. Drug charges are very serious, but with Jim Huber on your side, you can get the best outcome possible.

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