Criminal Law:


Collier-&-Huber-Law-Criminal-LawCriminal cases are extremely serious matters. When one is facing criminal charges, one’s freedom is at stake! Some criminal charges can result in many years spent behind bars. Even more minor criminal cases can potentially result in some jail time. The time spent in jail and the consequences of having a criminal record can severely alter a person’s life. You would be a fool to face criminal charges with no representation or inadequate representation. If you are facing criminal proceedings, chances are you are looking for a lawyer that will be able to successfully defend you in court. Well, look no further. Jim Huber has years of experience with criminal cases. They know the ins and outs of the Oklahoma legal system. They have experience in providing an excellent counter argument against the prosecution, and they have stood up to high powered attorneys. Huber Law has experience in working with judges to help the accused get plea bargains that can drastically reduce or even eliminate time spent in jail or prison. If possible, they can show reasonable doubt. In these cases, the person can be given a not guilty verdict.


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