Auto Accidents:


Collier-&-Huber-Auto-AccidentsWhen you get into an automobile accident, the injuries can be quite serious. Car accidents can even be fatal. In addition, the hospital bills can be quite hefty. In fact, the hospital bills can be large enough to put a person into debt. In addition to hospital bills, the car is often totaled. Furthermore, if the car insurance does not pay for the damage, this bill is on you. If the other person is deemed to be at fault due to negligence, Huber Law can sue the offending party or parties. When negligence is proven in an automobile accident, the lawsuit can often be for a substantial sum of money. The money that is awarded in a lawsuit for an automobile accident not only covers hospital bills and damages to a vehicle, but it also contains an additional sum for pain and suffering. Often times, this amount can be substantial, especially when serious injuries occurred. Jim Huber will work to get you as much compensation as possible.


Truck Collisions:

Truck collisions are a specific type of automobile accident. Due to the size of many trucks, the personal injuries and damage can be exceptionally severe. The injuries are often substantial enough to warrant lengthy hospital stays. In some cases, these types of accidents lead to someone’s death. When negligence can be proven, one is entitled to compensation. However, you will need good representation in the courtroom. Huber Law Firm has the expertise in working with truck collisions specifically. They can get you the compensation that you are entitled to. Jim Huber will work with the case to find as much evidence as possible to prove negligence on the part of the other driver. Once this is proven, they will assure that you receive as much monetary compensation as possible. This compensation can be used to take care of the large hospital bills, damage to your truck, and cover the time that was spent away from work. You will also be entitled to compensation for the large amount of pain and suffering that a truck collision can cause in a person’s life.

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